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Hey all,

Came across this menu and wondered if it could be done in webflow?

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Seems to be up now :slight_smile:


I’m sure it can be done using the interactions:

All you have to do is add some drop down menus, make it open when hovering, and then use interactions to add the animation :slight_smile:

Just don’t forget that you need to add the animation on the link but target the dropdown list for the interaction :slight_smile:

Cannot be done with the native Webflow menu system.

It is possible… if you use an external menu system…
or a great deal of DIV’s and interactions… which would a nightmare to maintain.

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Nothing is impossible!

C’mon! What’s more interesting than a challenge? :smiley:
The more work it gives, the better you’ll feel once you finish it!

And if you can’t finish it today… just go get some sleep… laying on the bed at night thinking to fall asleep sometimes gives me the best ideas ever :slight_smile:

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