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How to make a Menu like this

Hi all…

Does anybody knows how to make a menu like this :

i am a new “Webflower” migrating from Adobe Muse.

Willing to hire :wink:

thanks in advance.


It’s actually just a bunch of mouseover interactions. There isn’t much difficulty there, just a whole lot of time to implement it.

I’d be happy for the work, but if you are a new webflower, it may be best for you to dig in to this kind of thing and muddle through. This particular menu is not terrifically complicated and there is plenty of free advice to be had on the forum. :slight_smile:

Take a look at that tutorial, as I think a pop up modal would be the way to go, with Nav Links nested inside. The tutorial will get your head around opening and closing the modal.

Thanks for answering guys, i will take a look at this right away.
Cool community that answers fast :wink:


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