Full screen menu, not resizing

Hi All,

I’ve created a full screen menu for my site, using a Lottie animation as a button. Everything is working great, except there’s an issue with the menu size that I can’t seem to work out. Any insight would be appreciated!

The problem is that when I initially open the full-screen menu at a specific browser window width (let’s call it width A), the menu remembers this width. If I then resize the browser window to a different width (let’s call it width B) and reopen the menu, it still appears at the original width (width A), not adjusting to the current width of the browser window.

When I attempt to adjust the menu size to either 100VW or 100%, it still does not function as intended. It only occupies a portion of the page width. The menu is configured with a position set to ‘absolute’ and set to ‘cover,’ which should ensure proper display and adaptation based on the current browser window width. The anticipated behaviour is for the menu to dynamically resize and adjust according to the current browser window width every time it’s opened, rather than maintaining the width it had when initially opened.

Read only link: Webflow - Buxton Private Wealth

FIXED: Just in case anyone else runs into this issue: It was due to the ‘Size’ property within the animation that affected the menu.