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Help with Navbar effect

Hi, I was looking at this header and navbar and I was wondering if anyone knows how to help me get the same effect? The read-only link is I am trying to get mine to go from a big oversize header with navbar to a simple fixed navbar as you scroll down. I also want to keep the horizontal bar on top.

Perhaps this might be able to help you.

It somewhat similar to what you’re trying to achieve.

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I managed to get the interaction effect working by following the read-only link of the tempalte. Now I just need to get the navbar to stay visible until the user scrolls.

The Webflow University is informative and also very funny. Now that I have the Navbar working the way the tutorial shows, I’m seeing that in the Safari browser, there is a bounce or a spring to Safari. So what. Well, if the user scrolls the page down with any force or over shoots the top, the nav bar disappears. In Chrome, it works fine. How to fix?

There is a home page at the way bottom of the pages list. Its the last page in the left tray. ( I think there are 3 home pages, it’s the last one)

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