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Menu bar changing in design on tablet viewer

Hey guys!

Is there a way to keep your menu bar looking the same as it does on the desktop viewer but on the tablet and phone viewer too? Surely the width can just reduce in size? Its reducing down to a small square which doesn’t have the same affect at all. Any suggestions here would be awesome!

This is what my menu bar looks like on the desktop viewer:

And then it changes to this on all other viewers:

Link to my site:


Hey @cathy

That is the standard “hamburger” menu icon that is used on most smaller sized devices. You can always change the settings for this from the settings tab. You can choose on which devices to show it or hide it completely.

See this video on how to do that:

However, you will need to adjust the menu to look better on the smaller devices.

​Hope this is helpful.

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Thank you Anna! That’s perfect.

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