Size down my navbar for iphone view

Would someone be able to help me keep my navbar the same as it appears on my desktop view but just size it down on the tablet, iphone…? I do not want it to do the hamburger icon. I just want it sized down.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi there,

It looks like you may have already found this setting, but just incase — you can remove the hamburger menu option from all breakpoints in the settings:

I did find this and I removed it from all screens but I am wondering if you could help me size my menu just as this example on this site does it?? Petite Friture II — Shelley Steer

I appreciate your help!

I recommend using vw units in width and text sizes. vw (viewport width) and vh (viewport height) doesn’t show as an option in the designer but if you type in, for example, 1.3vw for your text size, it will scale your text proportional to the browser. The type will get pretty small once you scale your browser down a bit, so you’ll have to adjust for each query.

Then you’ll also probably want to change the width of your navbar (Container 9) to about 70% width and adjust accordingly for each query.

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