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Memberstack and Vimeo On Demand? Maybe also Zapier?

I’m just getting started with a new client project. Client is migrating from Wordpress (with my encouragement) to Webflow from Wordpress. Basically I need to wrap my head around integrating Memberstack ( or something similar ) with something like Vimeo OTT.

She sells one-on-one classes via Zoom, and to do that she sells memberships directly through her Wordpress site. She also needs a solution to sell packs of live stream classes via Vimeo or something like that. Vimeo can sell those bundles of classes directly, but that creates a separate membership transaction through Vimeo that she is trying to avoid. Currently she is managing this through Calendly, where they buy some classes and then schedule “appointments” for those classes. But this doesn’t really make sense because those aren’t actually appointments, they are just someone showing up to a livestream class that was going to happen anyway. And it’s better for the client to not have to schedule ahead of time.

What she’d like to is to be able to sell a bundle of 6 livestream classes through her website and then have someone show up for those livestream classes , sign in, and have the “credit” for that class deducted from the bundle she has bought. Maybe a Zapier thing? This functionality exists in things like Mindbody but those systems are really set up for physical locations, and they are quite expensive. Anybody have an idea on how to tie these together? I am not married to either Memberstack or Vimeo. thanks!

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