Memberships Users Activate Account e-mail does not arrive

We have setup a Users/Memberships system on our website, but it seems that many people trying to activate their new account, don’t receive the “activate account” e-mail.

Strange part is that they do receive the “welcome e-mail” with the text + link to login, but that is before they even received their activation e-mail, and hence, directing them to a “Access denied” page.

So the e-mails that are going out do work - or at least the “welcome e-mail” does get through spam-filters etc. But the activation e-mail does not get through and this makes it impossible for quite some people to activate and use a new account.

Unfortunately we cannot give manual access to users, since they are required to verify by e-mail.

We tested this with over 10 different e-mail accounts, and only halve of them work, but the other halve doesn’t.

The read-only link: Webflow - Haafkes Renovatie Calculator

I see this behavior on occasion myself. I would reach out to Webflow support, I suspect it’s something on their end.

Thank you, I will probably do that.
Was hoping to see some more confirmations here, so thanks for sharing you’ve seen this as well.