Membership Beta: How to put access group selection/payment and signup on the same form?

Loving the Membership Beta.

Signing up for my site is functional and easy.
Later members can upgrade their account in their member profile.

I don’t want to depend on them to stumble across the option to upgrade later and hope they’re motivated; I want the account type to be determined upon signup and payment to be handled immediately. What is the easiest route here?

Thanks in advance y’all are awesome!


I am working on the same thing, it is quite frustbrating… I basically remind the user in multiple places about upgrading their account after it is created but we really do need to be able to do this at the same time for webflow memberships to be usable for most situations.


Y’all… I get that this is in BETA, hopefully that means you are fixing the fact that it’s impossible to create membership classes. Is there a place where support is possible? Do y’all care to hear feedback??? So far it’s wasted roughly a month of my life which is proving to be incredibly expensive

I’m ashamed to say this (WF should be too) but I would rather have a WIX site at this point.

SOooooo. Having people sign up on the front end isn’t working any way I try. So I built it out where everybody goes through the same signup process on the front end, then you have the option to upgrade after signup. This is not ideal, but I am going to lose my business and my home if I don’t get SOMETHING working ASAP.

After fucking my whole site up , I get to the end and find that Webflow has hidden an automatic redirect somewhere such that after signup and verification it automatically takes you back to the home screen. Actually it takes you to the “do you want to upgrade your membership” page I built for about 2-3 seconds before taking you back to the homepage. 100% worthless.

I’ve combed through everything in the designer, settings, cleared caches, combed forums, etc. and this whole Webflow Membership thing is determined to not let you create a paid member site. Seems like a lot of wasted dev time on their part.

Hey MJ you figure anything out? Any clue how to get in touch with Webflow about this? I figure they would be interested in such a basic issue being completely unsolvable. Webflow is normally pretty kickass, not really sure what’s going on. Guess it’s a BETA thing?

Hey @pou41882 sorry to hear you’re having these issues. Unfortunately you’re not alone. But have you tried posting this to the Webflow Memberships Beta forums? (link should have arrived with your invite). Also, have you tried emailing support about it?

Hopefully that can help in some small way.

Amazing – thanks Chris.
I’ve tried posting a few different places but didn’t realize there was a place specifically for beta. Will go revisit the email and see about getting the question put up over there.

Also the only support I found was some “hire a professional” type of thing, which I wasn’t interested in for a very basic functionality question. Where should I be looking?

I’d just go through the normal “contact support” channel: Webflow Customer Support | Webflow University you’ll send them a request through a form then it’ll move over to email.

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Okay thanks Chris – you’re awesome man

The conversations about the Membership beta are happening on a different platform than the forum. I’ll send you a message with the invite link so you don’t have to dig through your emails.

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