Creating client dashboard without any integrations

Is it possible to create a client dashboard using nothing but CMS items and users? I have a way to embed our project management software for our clients into a webflow page, and all I want to be able to do is have webflow automatically redirect to the correct page depending on who it is signing in. I’m new to webflow, and I’ve been struggling to figure out how to do this without any integrations.

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In very simple situations- yes, sort of. At present, to get some level of security you’d have to do it on the /user-account page, so that only that logged in user can access the content.

If your access to your project management software is via a simple URL, create it as a custom User field, and then use that with script to create an IFRAME embed.

Hi @Zeke_Howey

If you are referring to using Webflow Memberships, their native user management for your site, then yes (which I’m not considering an “integration”).

You can use their built-in feature.

But a lot of times that’s too limiting so you can just set the redirect url on the login link. It’s a bit of hack, but works great:

If neither of those two options work for you, then I believe the answer will be “no” you cannot do this currently and you’ll need to use an integration like Memberstack.

Hope that helps!

Ok, I understand what you are saying, and yes I’m just using iFrame to embed the portal. I created a custom user field called “portal” that I can add the link to the specific customers portal into. How do I go about changing the iFrame code so that it can reference the link from the “portal” field?

You’ll create the IFRAME using an HTML embed, and give it an ID, e.g. myiframe.
You can also place your custom user field there, and give it an ID e.g. myurl.
Since that’s not meant for the user to see I’d wrap it in a hidden DIV.

The script you write will;

  • Execute when the page is loaded
  • Wait about 1500ms
  • Get the value from myurl, and set the src of myiframe.

The delay is an unfortunate hack, because you’ll notice it takes Webflow a small bit of time to actually populate those fields with data.