Automatic redirect for logged-in users, is it possible?


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We’re building a product marketing website, i.g. and have 2 buttons: Log In and Sign Up. Both buttons lead to the custom-built web app at Is there any way to show logged-in users the app directly (even when they type, skipping the Webflow site? Sort of automatic redirect for logged in users?


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Hey Dan,

Did you figure this out?

Hi Dan,
Checking in to see if you’ve figured this out.

Super interested if anyone found a solution to this too, thanks!

This is possible with Memberships, but it’s a strange use case.
Are you trying to do an off-site redirect right after login, and then again any time they visit your Webflow site while already logged in?

That’s odd for a few reasons, including the inability to log out, and the fact that the external site you redirect them to won’t know anything about the user or login details.

If you have more details on what you’re trying to accomplish I may be about to help.

Would love to be able to do something like this. We are a custom-built subscription SaaS web-app, using webflow for our top-of-funnel landing page. Would like to be able to route prospects to the landing for activation, then once they’ve created an account next time they visit the domain they are automatically redirected to the app.

I have seen other sites do this (seems the landing & web-app are generally one in the same, ex:

That’s not difficult to do, just a custom redirect.
If you’re using Webflow’s User Accounts somehow, you can check for its cookies and redirect if the user is logged in, or if you’re trying to just redirect subscribed users, then you create your own cookie.

Be aware cookies expire, are cleared, and sometimes blocked so plan accordingly.