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Member login portal


We have three projects coming up where we will need a developer to build a member login portal. Ideally we want to keep the project as closely associated with Webflow and the Webflow CMS as possible.

Message me if you would like more details!


I hope you get offers but I’m curious how that could work.

A member login system needs to be deeply integrated to a site because it’s a security matter. As Webflow doesn’t offer that feature, you can only… add some code, but that’s not enough for a member login system, which requires a database for members, to the least. That’s for when the site is hosted by Webflow.

You could design the front end and inner pages of such a system, and make it work outside of webflow (custom hostin) without never ever touching the code you download from webflow. This is possible by adding custom atributes to elements in Webflow and sometimes some manual fields in the content (like {dynamic-title} ) along with calling a JS API in the header… then code is exported and works on your server along with all the user system, coded with JS on a framework like Angular or NodeJS… Or even PHP for what I understand. Any time you need to modify, you can do it on Webflow, re export the code and substitute the pages, il will continue to work.

But if you put WF CMS into the equation, hosting on Webflow is mandatory, and I really don’t see how a member login system could be added to it, from the outside. If it’s maybe possible to find a way, I can’t see how this would be a secure way.

Hope this helps.



I sent you an pm - I can help.

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