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Material Design Bubble Out Navigation

Had some fun playing with a little material design navigation piece. Backgrounds are just placeholder. :smile:
Would love to get your thoughts. :smile:

Thank you,

Waldo :slight_smile:


Hehe nice (:

Seems to bug on the first time you click it though.

I’d increase the velocity: a good half the general time for unfolding and keep just a third for folding. With ease cubic for the SNAP! :wink:

Thanks @vincent :slight_smile:

I just fixed that bug, had to put a display: none on it and then display block with the animation. Works like a charm now with those ease-in & ease-out cubics :smile:

@thesergie I took your advice and went with a more interactive approach :smile:
Thanks again!

Waldo :smile:

This is great! Did you do that all via Webflow interactions?

Thank you @jdesign :smile: Built 100% in Webflow :smile:

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Looking really good @Waldo_Broodryk :slight_smile: I like it :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much @cyberdave

:slight_smile: thinking about utilizing it to make my first template for submission :slight_smile: will make sure I go through all the steps before I do :smile:

Any advice for additions/changes to the navigation? :smile:

Thank you!

Hi @Waldo_Broodryk, I do not really have any specific suggestions, however whenever creating this for a template, make sure to carefully follow the submission guidelines:

Follow those requirements and then the template can be given a full review upon submission :smile:

Good luck, I am excited to see what the end result is :smile:


Thank you so much @cyberdave you are the man! :smiley: