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Fluid Fullscreen Menu [interaction]

Here is the result:

LEARN how to make a fluid fullscreen menu interaction.

Fluid Fullscreen Menu

Here is a toggle button that animates into a fullscreen menu. The challenge was to transition a circle shape into a rectangle shape of the browser’s viewport. It is responsive and works no matter the screen orientation.

Menu Toggle Button

Shout out to Oakland Agency and the Burgers Vol 1 project. This tutorial is using the Burger 3 Button.


There are three main elements to making this interaction possible. You can think of them as layers if it helps.


There are two click interactions on the burger . The first interaction came with it when I copied it from the cloned Burgers Vol 1 project. The second interaction is controlling the menu and menu-bkgd elements.

It became necessary to control the movement path and growth separately.

With interaction controls there’s the ability to adjust the timing with Easing, however in order to get a more organic smooth animation we need to move in a non-linear path. No more A⇢B. To get a curved vector path of motion, it is necessary to separate the movement along the X and Y axis and invert the easing.

Yay! Now we get a smooth curved animation path. The rest of the interaction animations are the normal stuff of move, scale, and so on.

To better see what I’m talking about, use the link below to view the site and turn on borders for the main elements and activate interactions that are 10x slower than normal. Try it.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully this quick breakdown and sample project have given you some understanding to the methods used to achieve a smooth animation.

Feel free to check out my Webflow Portfolio or my Website. Take care and happy designing!


Dude, the way you slowed that down is sooo awesome… I was lile “ohhhhhhhhhh Oooooooooo, I see”. Haha… very cool man!

Thanks @Noah-R I knew slowing it down was the best way to really explain what is going on. Pretty sure when I designed it, the animation was ½ the final speed. After getting the movement right it was all about tightening up the timing and delays.

Glad you liked it.


Yeah, that’s exactly what I do man. Same with that slider. Timing and delays was really the last thing. I was actually going to post on the wishlist an option to half time the whole interaction with a toggle to see whats going on if you can’t spot where a mistake is. This option would be so useful and its available in other prototyping programs out there.

I can see that. I know I could sit down and write up a list of interactions improvements easily. What I would really want most is a horizontal timeline with attributes and keyframe. Basically I want a way to visually edit (look at grid and I know Webflow could pull it off) with keyframes and a proper horizontal timeline. Give me a tiny After Effects in the designer.

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Dude, YES man!!! I agree 100%! A horizontal timeline would be killer! You would have so much more control over each element instead of having to group them so to speak. I couldn’t agree more.

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Thanks a lot! Nice to have these contributions to the community.

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I was wondering @matthewpmunger could you please provide me with the read-only link or the cloneable one.

Hey @sachi_rao I removed that cloneable when I learned that it has major accessibility issues for keyboard access and motion sensitivity. It was a nice experiment but shouldn’t be used on actual sites. Thanks for understanding.

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