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Massive confusion regarding the formatting and controlling the behavior of form elements—please help!

I just created a form and am having massive difficulties and confusions in attempting to both style and control the behavior of the input and select elements. I’ve made a 5-minute demonstration video that should make these issues clear:

If anyone is able to offer any explanations for these behaviors, and solutions for the very basic things I’m trying to achieve, I’d really appreciate it!

Thank you in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only:

To style the placeholder select the Placeholder state

To style the dropdown list, you’re going to need custom code. The style you see is browser dependent, so it’s different across browsers and OS. Google “how to style a form select element” and eventually inject CSS code inside of Webflow after. Styling selects has been difficult since the beginning of the ages of the web.

Same applies for your arrow (chevron).

The thing with “My Name” under the field is not Webflow, it’s your browser autocomplete feature.

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Thank you, @vincent.

I’m embarrassed I didn’t notice the placeholder state but very glad to learn that I can do that styling.

Thanks also for the clarification on the dropdown list. Learning that, I’ll probably just substitute radio buttons and checkboxes instead.

Thanks for the clarification regarding the autocomplete feature of the browser. I think what threw me off there is that it’s autocompleting with the exact same name as the field itself and not my name, which led me to assume that was coming from Webflow.