Masonry tutorial please

Hi all,
Trying to step up my game in Webflow. I have a gallery of mixed size images that need a Masonry.js style layout.
I would appreciate a tutorial that either:

  1. Integration of Masonry.js into webflow. Embedding the code and showing how its done.

  2. Without Masonry.js, how to achieve something like this: done by our member.

There are a number of questions in these forums about how to achieve Masonry style effect. I hope we can resolve it now.

Looking forward to some enlightenment.

Isotope would do what you want and a whole bunch more.

Thank you for the awesome work you did explaining how it works, and for making it clonable.
I took your site and learned by adding in my own filters and content.

Love you guys!

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Great job, @srile. Can you make yours cloneable?

@Aksaunders, thats odd, but i cannot seem to make it a public site, let alone set it to clone-able… dunno what’s happening here. I am unable to click the “Create Public Page” LEt me know if i’m not doing something right…