Masonry Collection List

I would like to have a Masonry layout for my collection list. Instead of having a symetrical and identical Collection List Grid… I would like each cell to have a different size and content based on the Collection List it’s bind to. How can that be done?

Here’s an example of what I would like to achieve.

Go to the ‘container’ that holds the images and then set - Style(S) - Typography - More type options - Columns - and then set the number to 2 - 3 - 4
The ‘container’ itself has to been set to display - ‘Block’.
Then you get a nice Masonry layout.

I thought You’d need to use custom code. But maybe the person above has a solution

A simple tutorial about the technique HGWeb is referring to can be found here:

For me the technique mentioned above caused some weird side effects with my custom code, so I used this script instead: which can also be used to implement ways to allow the user to filter content in your grid. If you follow this Webflow magicians tutorial you will basically get masonry grid + filtering: and have less issues with w/e else you choose to do with your content.

Good luck!

Thanks, those are some great suggestions. I’ll get to work to see what I can come up with.