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Masonry Grid image width

Would anybody be willing to take a look at a peculiar bug I’m facing with Webflow?

Screen Recording (2min)

I’m super interested in solving this issue, as I’m pretty set on achieving a 3-column masonry grid with hover states. I thought Webflow would be the best solution for this, so I recently signed up for a paid account and a paid plan, but inevitably I may have discovered a barrier or a bug.

Would anybody be willing to help me out a bit as I try to figure out this bug?

Here is my site Read-Only: Limited Gravity — Work (Test Page)

hi @limitedgravity and welcome. It is not a bug. You have set on imagemax-width that means it can be smaller but no bigger than 100%, when you set your image width or min-width to 100% you should be fine.

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Stan I’m so thankful for your help! Really!

Your solution 100% solved my problem.

I am so thankful for you!

@Stan on that same page I do have another question if you have a moment of time, even though I recognize you did solve this problem that the topic is focused on.

In safari, on that same page above, do you also see the masonry grid causing the spacing issue in the screenshot? And would there be a workaround?

hi @limitedgravity problem is with margin-bottom. If you search forum there are a few articles how to create masonry using text columns where you may find solution. I’m not big fan of using text columns for images so I don’t have solution for you. Sorry

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Awesome, thank you @Stan. I will see who else out there is doing it. Are you aware of any other way to create CMS masonry grids in webflow without text columns? If so, I could use that as a clue to go down a better path!

hi @limitedgravity In programming is no better or worst path, only different approach based on your current needs. You can check how I did it in this article

You may find how to solve your issue in other articles on forum as I can see that use of text-columns approach for masonry is very popular here. It is up to you what approach will suit you more for your design.

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