Avoid items breaking in text columns



Any help would be hugely appreciated :slight_smile:


Share link: Webflow - Comma v3

Hello Josh: Exactly WHAT is being cropped? A bit more of an explanation and/or a screenshot would help us.

Hi @JimF - thanks for getting back to me, if you look at the top image some of the boxes are getting cut off. basically i’d like it wo work like a masonry grid :slight_smile:

Is there a chance you could show a screenshot. I’m not finding what you describe. The only thing that may be wrong that I see is in the mobile portrait view text columns are very narrow.

hi @OvertonGraphics you can achieve this effect with help of custom CSS. apply display: inline-block on your CMS Item.

It will work but you have to clean all sections just delete classes on collection wrapper and items list and make your outer shadow a bit smaller .

Hope this will help to solve your request.


Thanks all for your responses

Thanks @Stan - this worked perfectly

hi @OvertonGraphics glad to hear that worked for you. If issue doesn’t persist please close your request as solved.

Have a good one

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