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Safari messes up scaling of images in grid

Hey there,
I’m working on a site and everything worked fine so far. Recently I checked the site in Safari to test responsiveness etc. but Safari completely messes up the scaling of images positioned in grids (with a size of 100%). It’s very important to me not to set a specific size in pixels, cause my idea is to always fill the space provided by the text in the other cell. It works perfectly in Chrome, no matter the screen size, but Safari messes it up completely and even starts repositioning the text.

Read-only site:

I’m a total beginner to Webflow, so please excuse some obvious mistakes.

Hi @NigiCereal and welcome to forum. This is common issue and is not related to WF but how different browsers interpret CSS. I will suggest to use search input field to find already solved issues before creating a new request. To save you time here is search result when use keywords “safari images stretch”

Hope that helps

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Hey @Stan, I’m going to take a look into it. Thanks a lot.

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Hi @NigiCereal when you will solve your issue based on published solutions or you do not have further questions to your request feel free to close your request as solved

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So in the end I just stuck with setting fixed height properties for the grids. Works fine in all browsers!

Glad to see you have been able to solve it @NigiCereal and this kind of solution works for you …

good luck

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