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Guten Tag,
I need help, i’m trying to develop a horizontal marquee for a project that I need to have 50+ logos scrolling on a loop.

I am revamping this web site and the client would like to keep the marquee scroll of the logos of their clients (50+). I would like to know how best to go about accomplishing using webflow animation/interaction.

Here is the link to the site.

Any ideas?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @andreswaby, Can you please update your post with some more info? Things like screenshots and read-only links allow everyone to help you faster.

please see updated query.

Hi @andreswaby That is a good question.

Right now you cannot do that without custom code. But, from a UX (user experience) perspective, why not go with a different design treatment for those past clients?

Instead of trying to show them all, why not show the top 4 or 5 biggest names? Are the people who will be landing on the site really sitting at their computer waiting for the whole list of logos to scroll through? I doubt it. Users only stay on a page for 3 seconds or less, unless they really see something that the need to engage with.

Then have a button that says “See full clientele”. Then that button goes to a client list page that you can easily update and add on to when new clients are needed to be listed.

Just a thought :wink:

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Its a nice thought and I will consider it. I am currently exploring substituting the marquee with a slider (cross-fade).

Thanks for the input.

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