Scrolling logo marquee issues

Here is my site:
Read-only link: Webflow - Pro Legacy

You’ll notice the scrolling banner just beneath the hero area. For the life of me, I cannot get the infinite scrolling with logos to ever work seamlessly. I always have a gap at the end, or it starts over and looks like it “glitches”, or some logos don’t show up initially, etc. There are a couple “Made in Webflow” examples that I’ve used that work perfectly until I start replacing the images. It seems to always get thrown off when I add more images than the original had. I have 12 images, some of the examples might have 6 or 10. I’ve double and triple checked things like sizing, gapping, having a finite size, checking the offset percentage in the CSS code that makes it work, changing the speed, etc. No amount of tweaking seems to help me have a seamless INFINITE scroll, you can always tell it’s starting over.

What do I need to be adjusting to fix this issue after I’ve added all of my images and I’ve changed the original “Made in Webflow” content that I’ve copied??

Thanks for your help!

Hi, you’ll need to include your share link to give the community access to your design.
It’s a “read-only” view, so your design will not be changed but it allows others to view your setup.

I had a client who wanted something just like this but I was never able to create it using native Webflow components. Interested to see how you got it to this point.

I ended up using a third-party slider widget and embedded.

Ah, thanks for that. Added now!

Bumping thread. Thanks!