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Create a Simple Auto-Scrolling Horizontal Carousel

I have several logos from companies I’ve done work for. I’d like to have them automatically cycle through so only 3-5 show at any given time. I only have 7-8 logos now, but plan to add more as 2022 starts up. I am not averse to giving users arrows or swipe capability to cycle left/right. I don’t want the dots on the bottom that traditionally help you know how many there are and I want the logos to scroll every few seconds and have it loop infinitely. What is the best way to go about this? Thanks!

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How about a slider set to loop indefinitely. Then set the display on the slide nav to None and the little white dots will go away. You can also set the left or right arrows to disappear one at a time depending on which way the slider is going.

hi @RobbieChristian another way can be to look into this project.just clone it and use you need.

Hope that will help solve your request