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Margin works like text-indent when an element is set to Display: Inline

In Text Link element margin-left acts same as text-indent. It shifts only the first line, not the whole block. See the screenshot:

upd: Not sure if it’s a bug, though. If I set display:block, everything starts working as I expect. It’s just a little confusing.

Hey @pjs Would you mind enabling a Share link. Looks like maybe a float before or behind. It could even be an Inline element aligning weirdly with a Block / Inline Block element. A shared link will help resolve this :).

@pjs Yep, this looks like default browser layout behavior for display: inline; links. You may want to try inline-block, which has similar properties to block. Here’s a really simple test case that shows browser behavior:,output

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Yeah, got it, thanks.

Also, shift+space doesn’t type non-breaking space anymore. Is it bug or something’s changed?

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