Spacing coming from nowhere?

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Some spacing is added, and I don’t understand from where.

This is on the live site

This is in the designer. As it should be.

I reckon that these are Word spaces that the browser acnowledges. Essentially it’s the white space that you have in the code between the closing DIV tag and the next opening DIV tag. You can see it when highlighting these bits by dragging across them with your cursor. Not sure why Weblow’s preview doesn’t show this.

Try positioning the elements slighly differently, e.g. floting them all left.

You’ve listed this under “Bugs”. the fact that Webflow’s preview doesn’t show this might be one.

I also think that this date format is really missing from the choices Webflow gives us. It’s so common in Europe. Shame Webflow doesn’t take a more global approach.

That fixed it. Igreed its strange that I don’t see it in the designer. Thank you so much!

hehe… that date format is used everywhere else than in the US, UK and one African country.
Its actually crazy that the US can’t recognize that :stuck_out_tongue:

(ps. I think uk is now teaching the metric system and that time arrangement in school.)

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