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Extra Right Margin on Mobile View

Hi everyone,

I’m testing out my first Webflow site and I’m having trouble with the mobile view. For some reason, it’s putting extra margin on the right side so that my content elements don’t span the entire width. The “Body” color of dark purple and the Nav Bar are showing up full width, but not any of my elements. Anyone have any ideas?

Here’s my public share link:

Thanks for your help.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hello @JillC

There is “Spotify” button, which causes this margin. The problem that its width is controlling by custom code, that you are using for the button and there is width=200px.
You have 2 ways to fix it:

  1. make embed widget overflow: hidden, but then you will not see “likes counting” part
  2. move this embed code widget to the next line. It will give enough space for the button settings

Or, maybe you can change width inside the embedded code.


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Thanks Anna. Your solutions worked like a charm! Appreciate the help.


I am glad it worked! :smile:

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