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Map not loading, no errors, Business Wireframe template

Hi, I’m fairly new to webflow, but not to web development.
I’m having difficulties getting the map to show. My first attempt is using one of the standard free templates-

The Google Maps Javascript API key is generated, and is unrestricted.

However the map appears blank, with no errors.
I currently have the address set to point to Chicago, but any address I use has the same gray panel result, with no error message.

Any ideas what’s missing? Thanks!

do you have a lot of maps in your account? I’m not sure what this error means but thats the first thing I think of when I see this:


None at all, this is the first project using maps and it only has one.

Fixed this- I am not certain why, but deleting the Map element that was in the template, and dropping in a new one with the same settings fixed the problem.

For this design I’m using the free “Business Wireframe” template.

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