Map goes full screen on published site

Hi guys

I’ve added the map widget onto my site, styled it to fit it’s parent div. When published the map takes up the entire screen and all other content is hidden.

Preview link: Webflow - 3D Locations
Published link: Book A Location Scan

Any suggestions? Thank you!

Hi @Samantha_Matthews ,
i know what the problem is, your map is somehow set to position absolute and 100% width and 100% height. I would try adding width 100% and a fixed height to your div block 4. And width & height = 100% to your map element.



Thanks so much for the quick reply! I’ve implemented your changes and the issue is still occurring. Please let me know if it is happening on your side as well?

Hi @Samantha_Matthews ,
this behaviour seems to me to be weird. Is there any custom code connected to this map, class or id in the dashboard? You could delete your div and try giving the map a fixed height.

I think you´ll need a location input field connected to the map if this will be your final web app.