How to add search bar to map?

Hi guys,

I have searched for a solution on this and haven’t found anything.

I am trying to give users the option to enter in a location on a form, by typing the street address or with coordinates. Ideally they will search for the location and it reflects on a map.

Does anyone know how a search bar can be added to a map, within a form?


You typically need to have a mapping API to convert an address to map coordinates. Have you looked at the mapping integrations to see if they solve your problem?

Hi @Samantha_Matthews ,
i have added some links to the google developers api documentation. Here →

here is a clonable webflow project, doing exactly what you need.

I think you just need to give the location data from the auto complete field to the map somehow.


Hi @MXI – Thank you SO much for this. I did look for a project on Showcase and had no luck, so this is great news!!

Really appreciate your assistance. I’ll post here if I have any issues but this is a helpful resource, so thank you.