Managing Blogs with Designer + Editor


I’m relatively new to using Webflow Designer and have largely been modifying a site that was previously built by a consultant for our company. We’re in the process of creating a blog so will have several users interfacing with the blog via the Editor. Since this is the first time anyone else is touching the site since I took over, I want to be mindful of version control.

Any tips on avoiding version control issues and managing the workflow more broadly with Editor accounts involved would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @mrlarson8

This process has been improved recently with this update:

If each person will have an editor account and not a designer account, your design will be safe, and you can also choose certain items and switch on/off whether they can be changed by an editor. In settings, in the designer, look for ‘collaborators can edit this element’.

You can also restore your site if need be, to a previous version, hope these guides help:

Fantastic! Thank you Stu.

Marielle Larson

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