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Making One Page Site Load Faster

I’m planning on adding various sections to a one page site, and each section will have various subcategories. For example, Illustration could be one section, with subsections being different slideshows such as Cartoon Illustrations, Medical Illustrations, etc. I also have animations and interactives.

So, A lot of stuff that could slow the page down, especially if there are looping animations, etc. Rather than have some preloader taking a minute to play or count up percentages to a hundred before the page loads, I am wondering if there is a way that I can keep it one page, but bring in different elements as they’re needed. Maybe it’s via iframes, where a click on a category loads a page embedded in my main page, or some other way. Can anyone advise if this is possible.

Just to reframe. I want my basic page of UI elements to load instantly, no waiting. Then, if a user clicks on a Nav Menu item, it will scroll down to that section. Then, I want to have the user click something, make a choice of what category to explore further, such as Museum Exhibits in the Design Section, to take them to a lightbox. But I’m afraid if I just stack all these different subcategories vertically in the One Pager, that it’s too much stuff, it’ll cause the initial load of the page to take too long. But I don’t want to put in a link to go to a new page, because that will negate the one page experience.

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