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Lots of tiny logo images hidden away in multiple accordions...I want each to load only when the accordion is clicked (open)...possible?

I want to create a page that has about 150 logo images on it. I don’t want all of the logos to appear or load right away (I assume this will make the page really slow to load).

Ideally, the page will simply look like a list of various industries. Each industry will have it’s own accordion button. When clicked, that button will expand an accordion and reveal 3 logos that pertain to that industry. It’s then that I want the images to load.

Is this possible with Webflow?

By accordion, I mean I will do something similar to the Example 3: Click to Show and Hide Content on the page.

This is called lazy loading. You will need custom code to achieve this. There are tons of jQuery lazyload plugins out there.

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