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Make the Webflow Slider transparent

Hello guys!

i have a question. Im working trougth the tutorial ( for building a landing page with WF - so there is a slider in the page. In the video the slider gets transparent (11:30min) as it enters the section.

In my case, i cant get the slider transparent. i can only change the color to the background color to fit it. Transparent also doesnt work.

Have you any idea whats going on?


Here is my preview link:

Here is the live site:

Select the slider and put transparent background color, it worked fine when I tried on your preview link

Hi @Tom_S - Click on the main Slider element (this defaults to a light grey (#ddd), give it a class name and set the background to Transparent - works for me! Good luck! Regards Kai

Thanks guys! I see what i did wrong :slight_smile:
I selected the slide - and not the whole slider over the navigation.
Problem solved!

Have a nice day

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