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How to get rid of grey background in SLIDER

I am using the slider to have a rotating text affect so that the slider has captions that rotate with it (justified left of the images). If I can get rid of the default grey background, I can accomplish this.

Any other way to accomplish rotating text?

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link:

Hi @nd-artistry
The slider component as a default background color set to #ddd (grey)
Select your slider (I think you gave it a class of “Appeal words” and in the Style settings change the background color to “transparent”.

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Thanks so much!!!

I’m still learning webflow and it seems that if you miss one step you ruin your entire design because their is SOOOO much beneath the eye…I was changing 1 slide’s transparency as opposed to the entire thing…it’s going to take some getting used to looking at my designs from an indented list…

You’ve helped immensely :slight_smile:

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