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Make text appear on roll over


I am struggling to figure out how to make the text appear only when the user hovers over the project tile and then disappears when rolled off. instead showing all the time.


:innocent: :innocent:

@Thomas_Leahy which text? And where are the project tiles?

Its on the “My projects page” just cleaned up the names of the div ect if that helps :slight_smile:

You can do it the same way you changed the color:

  • select your “project tile” from the "navigator "
  • go to “Display” and select “none”
  • open your “Colour-in” interaction
  • press “+” in the “interaction” panel
  • use “Show/Hide”, set it on “Display” to “Block”

Do it the other way around for “colour -out”

thanks! ive followed them steps but it doesnt seem to be working? Can you please check what ive done wrong?

  1. You set “project links” to display “none”. This causes that they are not there any more.
    You have to set “project tile” to display “none”

  2. Same in your interactions : change the target to “project tile”

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