Hover effect on text not fading in and out over reels

Hi everyone,
I could use some help dealing with interactions within text on this website.

  1. Under the section where it says PROJECTS there are videos with text over them that ideally I would want to appear/disappear when the mouse is hovering over each little video block.
    Some of them *kind of do it, when the mouse is directly over the text. But majority of the text just drops down and stays on top of the video. I want it to fully disappear once the mouse is no longer hovering over the span of each little video block. If there’s a way to apply this to all of these at once that would be great.


Here is my site Read-Only:

You could use some custom code like maybe

.work-item:hover .work-text {

Thank you for this, unfortunately i’m not on a paid site plan yet so i cant embed code. Would you know of another solution that I test without having a paid account yet?

Hmm, maybe just create the interactions with webflow tools, but need to set them as class interactions I guess, tbh just need to test around until it works hehe