Change the image based on the option selected

Webflow - Bermuda Embargo Information day,
I am building the CMS list for a government embargo list. I am loading the cms with different produce which will have images. But many produce have different varieties ie roma tomatoes look different from beefsteak ones and I need the client to have access to change the image according to the variety. I am also trying to set the cms so that the name, variety and the image are all options for the user to update easily. How can I add the images as an option with the images preloaded and the user just has to select the appropriate one and/or add it. I don’t think multi image will work unless I can use them individually. Any insight would be immensely appreciated

Hi Jill,

I’m not clear on where you’re wanting to show those images, or how you’re wanting to manage them. The Editor gives decent access to the client to be able to add/update images, add new products etc.

Whether you use single-image fields or multi-image depends on where and how you want to show them, and whether you want additional information.

Thank you. I understand what you mean now and it makes sense to leave as is. I loaded some images and don’t think the user would be looking to change much