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Product option variation image change

Hi all

I have a T-shirt selling website.

I want to have the product page to change images to reflect when the user selects different colours. I uploaded the images to the product options that I have created. But I do not know how to link that to the slider I have on the product page.

currently only the first image changes and not the other ones I have set up.

can anyone help


Have you figured out the problem? I am running into the same issue. The color options of the shirt image were reflecting the the chosen color option at first. As I was in the stage of finalizing my website i realized that the images were not changing colors reflecting the option chosen as it did before. I do not remember messing with anything that could have possibly changed it.

I would appreciate the help. Thank you.

Wanting to do this as well. Any solutions?


Hey guys, you’ll need to provide a read only link! Someone in the past had this problem, an it was because his option selectors were created as form elements as opposed to the “add to cart” element from the add panel.

When you add the add to cart element, the options will be automatically created/synced according to the product in the CMS.

Could this be what you guys are experiencing?

Hi Derek
thank you for the help

Hm, from what I can see, you’ve built this correctly. Have you tested it in a published site? To my knowledge, in the webflow designer, the variant images don’t switch out, only when viewed on a published site.

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