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Maintenance Notification: Webflow Forums will be in read-only mode from 10pm-11:30pm PST on Friday night

Hey everyone, we’re doing some upgrades to our forum software, which requires us to put the forum into read-only mode so no new information comes in during that window. It could end up being much shorter, but just a heads up that you might not be able to post new content or reply to existing posts for a two hour period on Friday night.

Thanks @callmevlad for the headsup!

Would you by any chance know, if we could see the full post date (i.e. + year) in search results? That would make the search function so much better!

Just a heads up that this forum will be in read-only mode for at least an hour starting in about 15 minutes :grimacing:

@Diu Not quite sure what you mean? I’m seeing the year in search results if it’s not this year:

Ok, looks like we’re almost done - should be back to normal soon :slight_smile:

@callmevlad, you’re right, it displays the year. Only not for posts from this year.

To me, a non-English native, there’s little visual difference between May 20, and Feb '14. Maybe no biggie for you guys. I’d prefer the year to succeed May 20 as well.

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If that’s not possible, could we then have a “sort by topic start” filter?
[/pretty please?]

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