Change the default date display throughout the forum and search

Hi Guys,

When I’m searching the forums, I most always look for the most recent topic that seems logical to my question since WF changes so much. However, the current search results don’t make that easy.

The date is displayed in three different units. Year + month, month + day, and in total days. This is absolutely confusing to me. It only shows year + month if the post is from last year or before. The month + day if it’s within this (calendar) year, and total days if its within the last month.

I have two suggestions:

  1. Pleaaaaase put the year next to the date and month in search results AND in the topic itself
    Now it says Aug 1. But of which year? I can’t see it if I click on the date:
    ps. maybe a general “this post is XXX days old” would do as well.

  2. It would be nice to refine search results based on “date topicstart”. Because the “latest post” probably isn’t going to help me if something started in juli '14 and was just commented on recently.

I’d love to hear your opinion

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