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Dropdown Hover-Over

Curious, is there a way to keep the dropdown toggle in the “hover” state when moving down the links on a dropdown?

Like this: but only when you have moved away from it down the links.

When i move away this is what i get:

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I’d like the top drowntown background to remain all yellow even when hovering over the dropdown links.

Hey @seank You’ll also have to style the Drop Toggle “Open” class as background yellow. Let me know if that’s what you’re after.

@DigtalCrusader Hey man thanks… But I also have that styled as well. But when I leave it to hover-over a link it goes back to the default green. I want it to remain yellow even when hovering over the drop-down links.

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** I Have custom CSS styles for the hover-over.

I figured it out. No need for custom CSS as we have an option to “open on hover” now under the drop-down settings.

Just curious, has anybody in this thread figured out how to have the menu open smoothly when hovering AND be able to click the items? I put in some interaction to have the menu roll out smoothly, but then when I try to click an item and thus move away from the scrolldown link, the menu rolls down.

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