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MailChimp form issue

Continuing the discussion from MailChimp signup form integration:

I’m getting an HTTP code 307 whenever I try to submit a MailChimp signup form. Method is set to POST, action URL is the one from the MailChimp embed (none of http://, https://, or // work), I even tried adding some other attributes like target=_blank that the MailChimp form uses…no luck. Email is the only required field.

You can see the form at The first form is the embedded MailChimp one that works. The second form is the one built from Webflow components that doesn’t work. (If you want to test it, don’t worry about getting subscribed to something; it’s a 2-step process and I’ll be removing any emails that show up during testing anyway.)

This sounds more of a problem requiring help in the code. I will switch it to code help to let the professionals at code look into it. :wink:

Maybe this can help you out. :wink:

I read that entire thread before posting (it’s even linked in my post), and nothing helped.

Interesting, I am not a professional coder so therefore am not able to help but there must be something that is wrong in the code. I guess we will have to wait for a coder to look at this topic and attempt to find the issue. :wink::grinning::blush::+1:

I worked around the issue by using the embed code from MailChimp with my custom styling (you can see this on the main page of the site). I’d still really like to know why my original form is behaving so weirdly though…

@cyberdave, any idea what’s going on here? (see my original post)

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