Help with Mailchimp Integration

I’m having a problem with my Mailchimp integration on my published site.

I signed up with my own email as a test and it worked (the subscription shows up on my Mailchimp list), although I didn’t get the mailchimp confirmation request email immediately, only after about half an hour. My friend has signed up and has still not received the confirmation email almost a day later.

I’m wondering if there is something wrong with the embed code I copied across from mailchimp. Following the tutorial instructions, this is the bit of the embed code I referred to:

<form action="//;id=af1f9eee0a" method="post" id="mc-embedded-subscribe-form" name="mc-embedded-subscribe-form" class="validate" target="_blank" novalidate>

This is the bit I actually copied across to the “Action” field of the Form settings [adding “http:” to the beginning]:


Here is the read-only link to my site:

Help much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

This kinda sounds like an issue on mailchimp rather than WebFlow if you got it to work.

First thing to check, does the email address show up on MailChimp’s side when people sign up? If so, then it’s a delivery issue with mailchimp. If not, then a potential code issue/complication with webflow.

Confirmations are sent from MailChimp, not WebFlow.

Hi @michmeagher ! Thanks for the post and thanks @DragonDon for your help !

Remove the http:// from the action field url and start the url as such:


However, this field requires a valid URL, so you’ll have to trick that field into accepting \ as the starting characters for the url. You can enter the “back tick” character (which you can type by pressing Shift + ~ on most keyboard) right before the value to have the field value set.

It will look like this when you enter the value:


notice the first character is the backtick, followed by the url. You can also try copying and pasting the above into the URL field.

After making the change to the url field, wait for changes to save and republish.

Let us know how it goes !

Thank you! Will try this and test it out. Thanks so much for the help!

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Did this work for you? I tried it and I couldn’t get the tick mark to stay in the field…

Hi @gksargent, the tick mark is to allow you to override the url field, so that Webflow does not automatically put a http:// in front of the custom url.

The ticket will disappear, once the url is entered, but the url itself will stay as formatted, without the http:// added to the beginning of the URL. I hope this helps to answer your question :slight_smile:

Sorry for slow reply, yes it worked! Did it work for you?

Weirdly this has stopped working for me… Have been testing it out and the entered emails do not receive a sign-up confirmation and nothing shows up in Mailchimp. Can someone help?

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