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MailChimp signup form integration

This solution no longer works. The form action values generated by mailchimp are now different and do not include the http:.

I know that this thread is older but…

So the options for MailChimp are to style one of the MailChimp forms or use Zapier? I’m good with Zapier but to complete the dual opt in option Zapier is a little slow. Any other options?

Hi @gksargent, are you still having any issues with the MailChimp setup? The http link in the action property is not normally supposed to be using the ‘http://’, rather, it is using ‘\\

If something is not working with the MailChimp integration, the first thing to check is if the form submission is getting a 200 OK response in the Network tab of Chrome Developer Tools.

If there is a 2xx response on the POST message, then it could be that the field names in MailChimp and Webflow do not match, or the Double Opt-In settings need to be looked at.

I am happy to check if you need some help with that.

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Nope, seems to be working okay thanks

Hi @Sandtonian, thanks a lot letting me know. sometimes getting integrations between services can be tricky.

Our FAQ has been updated with the most current instructions:

@gksargent, I am happy to take a look if there is an issue, to help get that resolved.

If there is some corrections that need to be made, or if people have some tips to share, please do report those :slight_smile:

Thanks @cyberdave the above post was fantastic information to use as reference! I did end up getting the form to send data to MailChimp! :smile:

While I’m not 100% sure what I did to get the form to work on this one specific project, it’s working now. I suspect the form fields within the MailChimp embed form option weren’t matching up. I ended up deleting all the MailChimp fields and creating new fields. I did get a few errors after doing that, but it is working now.

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Works nicely for me either using this method or integrating Webflow with Zapier. Turns out through Zapier that the confirmation email from MailChimp still comes within minutes even on the free (Zapier) plan. The integration with Zapier is a nice option for a double check process.

@cyberdave do we have an up to date list of supported fields?

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Been using this solution for many clients, but suddenly it refused to work? I use “First name” and “Email” field. Right now, after filling in the form on the live site it just gives the Form Error message, without submitting.

Anything changed?

@rowan Odd, we haven’t touched this recently… can you send me a PM with the name of your site?

Hi all! Looks like MailChimp may be getting a bit more strict about including Last Names.

If your Form only has a First Name, you might need to add a custom Embed block within your Form element:

<input type="hidden" name="last-name" value="--" />

Basically, this will send a non-blank Last Name value to MailChimp along with the other Form fields.



Awesome, this was the problem indeed!

I have a signup form with only email address and it seems to be working fine. However, I have noticed a few issues that I thought were just my error…at one point if a user was already signed up my Webflow form would give the “error” message…which I wasn’t sure how that was even possible because I thought it was a one way communication. But it only happened a couple times in testing then never again.

You might check your MailChimp settings also the Zapier integration works and then you basically have a double check because if I remember correctly the data is submitted to Webflow and will show in the dashboard but is also zapped to mailchimp.

Hi, guys

I faced an integration problem as you. I made everything as it is described in this post but that goes not so. Help to understand please. I will be very grateful to you)

Link -

Hi @Umanskiy, thanks for your reply. Could you also help to share your read-only link to the site, so that the form setup can be looked at?

Thanks in advance!

I know that Zapiar allows for Webflow to Mailchimp automation, has anyone tried that solution?

Yes. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, the Webflow to MailChimp Zap works fine.

Hi Dave, thanks for your reply. My link to share

Thanks in advance! this tutorial does totally not working for me! Maybe I make a huge mistake by following the step-by-step, or maybe a step is missing or maybe the tutorial should be a little bit more detailed - I don’t know :smiley: Anyways…I think its my fault. So I need your help with this please.

This is my preview…

Thank you very much!