Webflow form doesn't transfer Mailchimps GDPR checkboxes

Hey there,

I am currently trying to implement a MailChimp form into my website. I’ve followed the Webflow university guidelines, copied my form action url and my email gets submitted as wished.

In MailChimp, I activated gdpr fields and copied their embed form and inserted it into an HTML embed element. When I fill out this form the gdpr compliances will be transferred and my list is clean.

If I use webflows form element and just paste the gdpr relevant field group into my form block as an embed element and then fill out my form. The email gets transmitted but no gdpr field gets transferred. The result is a useless list.

I’ve compared both forms side by side and can’t find any difference in them. They both have the same action URL, use the same name and value values for all the checkbox fields and so on.

Is this like a known behaviour (maybe a bug) or can I do something to use webflows form element and don’t have to use an embed element with MailChimp’s complete embed code?

HI! Did you find a solution to submit GDPR responses to mailchimp using native webflow form elements?