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Mailchimp List form forever broken :(

Hey guys ~ I’ve connected several projects with Mailchimp embed codes for newsletter subscriptions, but have a real problem with this stubborn one.

Any ideas?

The page with the form:

Form action has a & which should fixed by removing amp; from the url.

No sir, I changed the link to

and still not connecting.

You still need the & only between a996c35e414b0325143455775&id=1cb508268f
Because forum codes and pages encode the & into & in order to render it.

So sometimes it is easier to say "insert an ampersand before the id= part of your string in the form action code. Try that.

I get a 404 error (ajax) on the form action url. Can you go back to mailchimp, copy the action code, then paste between single apostrophes before and after the code.