Mailchimp Integration From Error

Hey everyone,
I’m having issues with a Mailchimp form. There’s currently two forms on the website, the first one is a Webflow form that is supposed to connect to Mailchimp and the second one is the embedded code from Mailchimp. The second one works, but looks bad and I’d like to use the Webflow form.

I’ve made sure to name all Fields as they are named in Mailchimp and copy pasted the action link and changed the method to “Post”. But every time that I try to submit, I get an error message. Can anyone tell me what I’ve done wrong?

All help is greatly appreciated!
Best regards,

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - SmartPurse App

Hi Martin,
Can you specify what error you get or show a screenshot?
Most likely you haven’t named the fields ids and name according to Mailchimp for requirements, but without screenshots of the form details it’s hard to tell. You can also pass tags or hidden fields to Mailchimp to set groups. If you can’t get it to work i suggest going the Zapier route instead of submitting to Mailchimp

Hey Keni,
thanks a lot for your message! The error message gives no indication what the error might be.

Following are all the screenshots from the corresponding Mailchimp and Webflow settings, I still can’t see what I’ve missed but maybe I’m a bit blind:

Zapier would be the next option, but have never used it and wanted to avoid having to set up everything.

Many thanks!