Form not working with Mailchimp integration

Hey there! Does anyone have any tips for getting a mailchimp integration to work? I’ve done the following:

• Put the correct URL into the form ‘action’ field and changed the method to ‘POST’
• Changed field name in webflow to exactly match the field tag in mailchimp

However, when I test the form and submit it on the published site, nothing happens - no success message, and no contact added in mailchimp.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @Caroline_Tapp, thanks for your post. There are usually some messages from Mailchimp if something goes wrong with posting, could you help to share the published url to the form page? That will help the community to check and provide some guidance.

In most cases their is some issue with the field name in Webflow not matching the merge field id’s mailchimp, however the error messages should help to provide more info.

Not that the normal success/error messages for Webflow forms do not show for form submissions where the action field is set to post to an external url.

You can however use the built in Zapier connection to send form submissions to Webflow to be able to use the native Webflow form and features, see this article: Update Mailchimp lists with new Webflow form data

Thanks in advance