Mailchimp form works on PC but not submitting on Mac

Hey everyone,

Built and integrated a Mailchimp form into my clients site.
Submitting works fine from my PC and form my Pixel 3, but when my wife or the client uses their Apple Macbooks it fails to submit.

Can anyone advise me on this? URGENT as we’d like to get the form up and running asap.

read only : Webflow - Reunion-park-melbourne

Thanks in advance

Adam :slight_smile:

Hey so after some quick digging I see that the date format is being see as American: mm/dd/yyyy
While I need it to be Australian: dd/mm/yyyy. Funny thing is that I’ve set that in mailchimp as the date format, but can’t seem to find where to be able to change that in Webflow.

Does the form itself fail (and if so, what’s the message) or is it just not showing up in Mailchimp? Also is it only Safari on the Mac or is it any browser?

The form field you’re using in Webflow is just plain text, so you won’t be able to modify anything other than the placeholder—which I’d argue is a bit more clear as “DD/MM/YYYY” instead of “20/12/2000”.

If the forms are being processed on the site but not showing up on Mailchimp, then I’d suggest changing the way you collect that data (like adding a “I’m over XX years old” checkbox or asking for it on Mailchimp’s site after collecting the name/email on your site).

Yeah, so I ended up changing the field type in Mailchimp to text instead of date and use the placeholder text to guide the users input format.

There seemed to be some issue between Webflow and MailChimp because in the input field settings in Webflow the text type can’t be set as date and was causing conflict.

After reverting the field back to text in MailChimp and choosing the text type as text in Webflow it resolved fine.

Thanks for this too,

Good advice :slight_smile:

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Glad you were able to get it sorted!