MailChimp API issues integrating Sharepoint with MailChimp

To Whom it Concerns,

I’ve created a Contacts grid on SharePoint with a linked Correspondence Grid which allows users to add any correspondence they’ve had with a contact.

I’m now looking to link my organisations Mail-Chimp account to SharePoint so that whenever an email Campaign is sent a correspondence note is made against the relevant contact.

Is this possible to do and if so does anyone know how i would go about establishing this link?

I’ve looked into using Microsoft Flow however they don’t seem to have the connectors required.

If you need more info let me know

Appreciate any steer that could be provided



Hi @SinServer, welcome to the Webflow forums.

Based on a quick search my guess is you’ll have to use a MailChimp webhook to fire a Python script running on something like Heroku that authenticates with your SharePoint instance to add the data.

I would recommend searching Stack Overflow as your question doesn’t really seem to pertain to Webflow and you’ll have many more resources there that deal with these two platforms.

Hope this helps,


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Perfect!!! thanks for pointing me in the right direction!